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the new revolution in the boat lift and floating dock industry Is the Drive-on docking floats. Our dry docking systems offer no more cranking or lifting your personal watercraft, small watercraft, jet ski, or small boat. Our lifts allows your watercraft to be kept high and dry and out of the water, Unlike conventional boat lifts our floats do not require motors, gears, straps or cables. Your PWC or boat will sit down at water's level. Our docks are Maintenance free with inexpensive price compared to traditional Boat hoists and other mooring systems
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Boat Docks & Jet Ski Floats offers various dry docking systems that adds the convenience of putting your watercraft in and out of the water. The time saved from launching your watercraft can be used for enjoying the water. The Our watercraft dry docking systems helps protect watercrafts from moisture damage by lifting your personal watercraft out of the water. The Slider and Wheely docking systems also allows protection from wind and wave action.


Wheely Dock Watercraft Float

The Wheely Dock - Features an inline roller system for easier launching with an attachable bow stop. Other features include non-skid surface and walk-around-room for easier watercraft maintenance such as cleaning, flushing, and refueling. This easy launching port is ideal for individuals wanting effortless watercraft launching.

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Slider Dock Watercraft Float

The Slider Dock non-skid deck allows enough walk-around-room for easier watercraft maintenance such as cleaning, flushing, and refueling. This one-piece unit makes the Slider Dock a breeze to install. With the ease of installation and time saved putting your watercraft in and out of the water, the Slider Dock is a must have for all watercraft owners.

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Wheely Dock XL with front extension

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Our Drive-on Boat lifts are maintenance free with no waiting for the boat lift to drop. Trim your engine down and back off. Our boat docks are simple to use and require no power. Our drive on docks is a cost effective way to get your boat out of the water and are more  economical then traditional boat lifts.

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