Easy Installation
Install In Minutes
Our simple linking attachment system is designed for your watercraft dock and boat mooring systems in all types of waters, including fluctuating waters such as floating docks and can used for stationary structure such as sea walls, bulkheads. Watch your dry docking system fluctuating with the tide or changing water levels or use for all times and days of the year. Jet-Port's careful designed linking and mooring system enable any user to install our watercraft float products within minutes.



Parts List


Single Fender Attachment Kit:
Single Fender Kit Includes:
Four Polyethylene Disks
Four  washers & Nuts
One Boat Fender


Place top disk over recess hole and run eye bolt through top disk hole through bottom disk 

   hole. then use washers and lock nuts to tighten eye bolt & disk assembly

install boat fender to floating dock and tighten rope from disks to eye screw on the floating dock. Frequent rope replacement may be needed from seasonal useage.









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