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Our drive on docks are designed for easy installations. our Drivre on floats can work with jet skis, boats, or kayaks
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We supply the best prices on drive on docks for personal watercrafts and boats. Now even kayaks. We have the lowest price on all drive on docks.


New For 2017 !!!

New Kayak Launch or Canoe Dock.  Make kayak loading and unloading easier. Foam Filled unsinkable low profile dock designed for kayaks & Canoes under 35" in width.


How PWC lifts can benefit you and your watercraft? 
If you’re not a water-phobic, then really you’re a lucky one. Life on the water is full of swing as it offers a number of fun adventures that can only be experienced. In case, you have a boat or any other watercraft, then the fun is automatically doubled with the roar of boat engines and the noise of water running along with the full speed of your personal watercraft. Have you ever heard of PWC lifts? Well, Having PWC lifts offer a number of advantages to the individuals who are in extremely love their watercraft or kayak and want it to give all the pleasures of water life for years.
 PWC lifts require one-time investment and help you save money in the long run while allowing you to enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life. There is no denying the fact that along with the fun water activities, there also comes a responsibility of maintenance and care to ensure you have an amazing boating season for the coming years. Storing your boat in the water for a longer duration may lead to the deterioration of your boat’s exterior, which may dig a big hole in your pockets. Appropriately putting away your watercraft when not in use is a great practice and an effective way to keep your boat safe and secured, while maintaining the vessel in legitimate condition both for the present and future. 
The best way to ensure such safety of the boat is by using PWC lifts. Owing a personal boat lift is a great idea as it helps you avoid renting the one at the time you need to take your watercraft into or out of the water. PWC lifts are inexpensive, easy to operate and doesn’t demand electricity or additional manpower for a perfect operation. Besides, PWC lifts serve the individual with a great number of benefits from increasing the life of the boat to keeping it safe. It is quite possible for the algae to get accumulated on the surface of the boat due to constant contact with water, which in turn needs much time for cleaning. Using PWC lifts can save you from such efforts of cleaning the bottom. Bringing into use, the PWC lifts allow you enjoy your time with high zeal, while saving your precious time of trailering the boat. So, if you’re a boat owner and want to enjoy the fun water ride as equal as your first experience, then it’s the right time to consider PWC lifts for your watercraft. 

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