The Jet-Port Benefit
The Best Value Kayak Launch
Easy Drive-on - Kayak or Canoe floats have a low entry point which allows easy to paddle on.  means your drive-on floats will always work. No greasing, no rusting, rotting wood, or any corrosion. Our watercraft floats are made from low-density polythene and will not crack or degrade from UV or marine exposure. Our encapsulated foam filled (EPS) boat dock floats are environmental friendly with no contaminates to harm your waters with creosote-soaked pilings, oxidizing metals, or oil-based stain coatings.

Kayak Docks (Patent Pending)


Complete Kayak Launch Video

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Kayak Launch Video1

Kayak Launch Video 2

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HD download Launch Video1

HD download Launch Video 2

HD download Launch Video 3


Kayak Dock Side Mount Kayak Dock Linked Front Extensions

Kayak Dock Kayak Launch Side Mount

Kayak Launch with Jet Ski Kayak Launch with Jet Ski & Kayak

Kayak Launch with Kayak Rack Kayak Launch with Kayak Rack

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