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Economical Dry Dock
Our floating docks are made with non-corrosive polyethylene which is rust proof in fresh or salt-water. our (EPS) Foam filled dock floats make our boat docks un-sinkable and stable.  Our floats work with the changing water lever and tide without the use of cranks, wrenches, or other metal parts. 
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Kayak and Canoe Docks 

Kayak Dock  $999
Width Length Depth Weight Capacity
5'x4" 11' 9" 185lbs 1200lbs
  • Deigned for Kayak and Canoes under 35" in width
  • Outer shell made with non-corrosive low density polyethylene
  • Unsinkable, foam-filled Kayak Launch
  • Works great in shallow water
  • Light color kind to bare feet and hands & No Skid Slip Surface
  • Side and front mount options to dock & Zero maintenance
  • Stable low profile entry way for kayak and canoes

Kayak Dock with Front Extension
Width Length Depth Weight Capacity
5'x4" 16' 9" 300lbs 1700lbs
Additional Features:
  • 16'x 5' 4" Working platform
  • Maximum working load 1700lbs

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