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Easy Drive-on - Our floats have a low entry point which allows easy drive-on at idle speeds. Our jet ski boat docks will lift your craft out of the water and free your watercraft  from barnacles or algae growth. Our dry docking system will also help prevent rusting of your watercrafts jet drive for those  powerful  Jet ski's and jet boats.
Jet-port's engineered watercraft float system requires little or none of your conventional boat lift maintenance or wood floating dock maintenance. The lack of motors, cables gears or electricity means your drive-on dock will always work. No greasing, no rusting, rotting wood, or any corrosion. Our watercraft floats are made from low-density polythene and will not crack or degrade from UV or marine exposure. Our encapsulated foam filled (EPS) boat dock floats are environmental friendly with no contaminates to harm your waters with creosote-soaked pilings, oxidizing metals, or oil-based stain coatings.
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Get in on the action with your very own photo or video and receive free cash. We need photos and videos of our drive on watercraft products in action for use in our catalog, website, and advertising. If we use your photo in our website or in advertising materials we will send you a check for $50 or $75 for videos. Please include the model and year of your watercraft and if possible please give us the horsepower of the motor on pictures that has a boat. Upload your photos using the web form below. You must include all information to receive your checkĖ we canít send you your check if we donít have your information! You can upload 3 photos or videos with each form.

*By submitting your photos to Jet-Port, LLC. you are giving us permission to use your photos for advertising. Remember there are no limit on the number of entries.

Photo Tips:

  • Photos that are taken during bright mid-day sun do not generally turn out well. They have too much contrast, and sun glare. Try taking photos in the early morning or evening, or when it's slightly overcast.

  • Less shadows you have in the picture the better.

  • Also remember to use a digital camera. Cell phone cameras do not provide enough picture quality.

  • We are seeking photos and videos to use for advertising. Put the watercraft on your float. Remember to enjoy yourself.

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